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Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans are available for each of the episodes in the That’s Not Fair! series.
Grades: 3-6 | Subjects: Language Arts and Social Studies/Humanities

Mayor Moe's Mess

In this video, the TNF City Council makes a rule about dress code for all the city councilors.

  • Students will explore the concept of freedom of religion and belief.
  • Students will gain an understanding of religious accommodation: that sometimes we must treat certain people differently in order to be fair.
  • Students will apply the Acorn test to determine whether or not a rule that limits religious freedom is fair.
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Mayor Moe and The Lost Chain

In this video, Mayor Moe searches everyone in City hall when his Chain of Office goes missing.

  • Students will learn what it means to have a right to privacy.
  • Students will learn that having privacy is important because people have a right to dignity and respect and invading someone’s privacy can cause harm.
  • Students will discuss when it might be fair for authorities to invade someone’s privacy.
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Mayor Moe Sees Stars

In this video, City Council passes a by-law in response to a problem that Mayor Moe has identified.

  • Students will explore the fairness of laws and rules that limit fundamental rights and freedoms.
  • Students will question a law’s purpose, effectiveness, and side-effects
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Mayor Moe and The Nasty News

In this video, the TNF City Council makes a Be Nice Law to prevent anyone from saying nasty or unpleasant things.

  • Students will learn that Freedom of Expression and Freedom of the Press are guaranteed in democracies
  • Students will identify when it might be fair or unfair to limit freedom of expression
  • Students will learn about city council and participate in a mock city council debate and vote.
  • Students will practice considering multiple points-of-view.
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Mayor Moe and The Important Personage

In this video, City Council bans protests in the city when a controversial leader comes for a visit.

  • Students will explore their right to gather for a peaceful purpose.
  • Students will use The Acorn Test to examine limits to freedom of peaceful assembly
  • Students will think critically about ways in which rights can conflict with one another in democracies.
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Green's Greens for Greens

In this video, the council passes a by-law making it illegal for employers to discriminate when hiring staff.

  • Students will learn the importance of equality rights and freedom from discrimination.
  • Students will explore equality rights in the context of school groups and hiring practices.
  • Students will learn to evaluate good and bad reasons for distinguishing between people.
  • Students will use the Acorn Test to assess reasonableness/fairness.
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